7 Days to Change Your Brain and Radically Transform
Your Income, Impact, Business and Life

Your Frustration, Your Stress, Your Overwhelm, Your Confusion, Your
Dissatisfaction, Your Tension, Your Lack of Fulfillment, Your Lack of Results, AND


Hack Your Mind, Exponentially Grow Your Business, and Level-Up Your Life

This is Different Conversation About Mindset

This conversation is NOT about hustling and grinding your way to “success” only to end up broken and burned out when you finally hit that number you thought you wanted so badly.  

This conversation is NOT about finding that “magic pill” strategy that’s going to instantly create some miracle revenue fountain.  

This conversation is NOT about law of attraction or manifesting a pile of money by sitting on your sofa daydreaming.  

This conversation is about...

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Breaking Through the Personal Development Ceiling By Using Your Mind To Rewire And Reorganize Your Brain...

So you can produce extraordinary results no matter what challenge you face, no matter how limited your resources, and no matter what strategy you choose to execute.

It is a simple, practical, step-by-step method... 

 ...and unlock superhuman levels of creativity, intelligence, and unstoppable momentum in your business and life.

We are talking about permanently eliminating the neural networks causing you to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, not good enough... or worse.

So if you...

  • are running around in circles signing up for all the classes, seminars, programs, and courses trying to grow your business...
  • have a dark fear you will never realize your full potential because you don’t have the confidence, determination, discipline, vision, time, money, connections, or whatever...
  • feel frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed by the same business that was supposed to give you freedom and wealth...

I get it. That was me.

But if you’re looking for a strategic solution to solve these problems… are running into a dead end.

Because every single one of these problems is a product of your mindset.

However, with the right system, your mindset can be hacked, transformed, and reforged.

And according to Success Magazine, THIS SYSTEM is the next evolution of personal development. 

THIS is Personal Development 2.0

Because here’s the real, honest truth . . . 

YOU AREN't As Far Along As You Could Be

There is a reason you are struggling. 

There’s a reason you are not experiencing rapid growth or reaching a massive audience…

creating the impact you envision...  

or breaking through your plateaus of income without the overwhelm... 

It’s not because you’re not trying.

It’s not because you don't have the resources or enough time.

Or because you haven't figured out how to profitably market your business with social media or JV partners and influencers.

It’s because what you believe is blocking you from creating what you want. 

So how do you change that?

By reformatting and upgrading your Mindset.

I’m not the first person to say this, but I am the first person to show you exactly how to do it.

So how do you do it?

With Mind Hack.

“David is a leading expert on mindset AND business”

If You "Already Knew Mindset" 

you wouldn't be reading this page

It’s true. You would be too busy selling out high-ticket programs…

... speaking from your dream stages with global reach...

... adding 6-figure growth to your business every month...

and loving every inspired minute of it.

 You would ALREADY be living your dream.

But you aren’t. You’re here.

"HERE" is a good place to be, but let’s be honest...

If you truly “knew” mindset, you wouldn’t be chasing every next shiny object...

You wouldn’t be struggling to create predictability in your business, getting by on “hope marketing” and random referrals...

You wouldn’t be stuck on “why it’s not working” or wondering which marketing guru to follow next.

The truth is…

EVERY rain-making, game-changing uber-successful entrepreneur you look up to says “the moment that changed everything”…

...Was the moment they CHANGED THEIR MINDSET.

Now you may already be familiar with something someone called “mindset”…

But this is a different kind of mindset. One grounded in the science of actual brain change.

And you have not yet MASTERED it.

And that’s ok. It’s not your fault (yet)...

Personal Development is a Broken Model!

Until now, it’s been an industry of motivation and inspiration.

Maybe you've done the Tony Robbins, the Abraham Hicks, the Landmark Forum…  

... the Law of Attraction, the trips to Sedona, the trips to India, maybe even the psychedelic trips (you know who you are) ...

you’ve read the books, you’ve listened to the audios, you’ve done the coaching (and maybe even the therapy) ...

or maybe you’ve gone from high performance, to new age woo, to biohacking and back again...

But at the end of the day, you pretty much have the same brain you started with.

Nothing really changed!

As a result, “Mindset” and “Personal Development” have become a bunch of white noise.  

You know “the inner game” is important, maybe you’ve even had some incremental gains… but not the promised Quantum Leap.

Maybe you developed some self-awareness… but what do you with that? Are you landing huge clients with your self-awareness?

No, you end up stuck in some sort of self-awareness purgatory with no system to help you actually eliminate the limiting patterns you are now aware of.

Personal Development is failing you...

I don’t say this lightly.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “personal development” and “self help.” 

And you know what?

It didn’t work!

I looked around at these events and saw hundreds of people hemorrhaging their savings trying to “fix” themselves by jumping up and down and writing feel-good affirmations.

And then, when they didn’t get the results, they assumed “it must be them.”

I know, because that’s exactly what I thought.

I thought “what I really need is the next level of the program, then I’ll be “better!”

…even if it cost $25k, $50k, even $100k! 

And that’s what I bought.


Personal Development is full of these empty promises and shoddy platitudes like...

  • “Knowing” something = transformation! (it doesn’t) 
  • There is no "right way" (There is. That's what science is for)
  • “Law of Attraction” will give you everything you want! (how’s that going for you?)
  • Change is hard and takes a long, long time (Not if you have the right system)
  • Changing your physiology is all you need! (this works temporarily, but doesn’t get results in the long run.)

This ENTIRE conversation about “Personal Development,” self-help, and realizing your potential is about ONE THING

Brain Change

That is what “Personal Development 2.0” is really about. That is the foundation of Mind Hack.

You Can’t Hustle-and-Grind 

Your Way to Success and Fulfillment

When you only chase externals, focused on doing doing doing...

You remain blind to one very important fact: 

You CANNOT access your real power when it is bound and gagged by your inner conflicts. 

Without your full inner resources, you will make business decisions –– the decisions that determine your success –– on a foundation of sand. 

This plays out in lots of ways...

  • Striving in vain to be the best in your field while you fundamentally believe you’re not good enough
  • Trying to enroll clients while you think what you’re charging isn’t really worth it (and neither are you!)
  • Wanting to become a thought leader while you’re secretly terrified of speaking publicly and actually sharing your thoughts
  • Attempting to craft unique, powerful messaging when you also believe nobody cares what you have to say 
  • Trying to grow a team when you believe additional payroll will threaten your business 

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to see...


This is like speeding down a freeway with a muddy windshield, no mirrors and the parking brake on. 

Yes, you can theoretically do it... 

But is this the easiest, fastest, safest, most enjoyable way to get where you want to go? 

No. No it’s not.

That’s why so many entrepreneurs feel like they’re grinding gears.

This is why the ones who do appear to “achieve success” aren’t happy and fulfilled.

But the worst part is…

Celebrity Marketers Want You to Believe Hustle 

& Grind is the ONLY Way!

I don't know about you, but I have NO interest in endless 16 hour days.

Sustained, focused action has its place. You have to do the work....

But ONLY when you have the mindset piece down first… that you’re working from a place of creativity, inspiration, and higher intelligence.

This is how you actually work smarter, not harder. 

This is how you...

Unlock your full potential and create the success, income, impact, AND life fulfillment you hunger for.

In other words...

You don’t get there by becoming a hyper-caffeinated workaholic with bloodshot eyes, chasing every next business guru, implementing every strategy under the marketing sun. 

You get there with... 

A system to change the neural connections that are biologically driving your beliefs, thoughts, and actions

Mind Hack Gives You That System

The Cutting Edge Intersection

of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Personal Growth for

Rapid and REAL Transformation 

This is a revolutionary fusion of the most effective transformational modalities on the planet.

From the life-changing insights of cognitive psychology and behavior change...

To the latest neuroscience of habits and the mechanics of learning...

And the most empowering teachings of personal growth…

This is the best of the best condensed down into one simple system you can implement in your life every day to overcome your deepest inner conflicts and most challenging inner obstacles…

And finally unlock exponential business growth and phenomenal personal success.

Starting NOW!

What People Love This Course

Derek LaCroix,

Executive Director


“Right from the first exercise it made a difference. I was dithering on an action and was immediately able to see the ineffective story I was making up. I was easily able to choose to think about the goal differently and take effective action.” 

“What I loved about this book is that it uses both left-brain science and right-brain stories to deconstruct how we all experience ruts in life. I also love the practical tools to create what you really want instead.”

Lorraine McGregor,


A Repeatable System That Gets Results

This is about you having a system you can use to free yourself from the negative bias of your own mind.

It is a reliable method to finally live at the level of power and impact you feel inside yourself. 

Not as a philosophy or an idea. But as a reality. 

Here’s why it works (for EVERYONE):

The human brain is the same for all of us, no matter what we do or where we’re at. We all have the same hardware. 

The stories and specific details of our inner conflicts don't really matter when we understand how the hardware works. 

I have taught this system to thousands of entrepreneurs and the results are mind-blowing!

Just look at what happened for one client, Frances:

You Want More Than Personal Income and Business Outcomes 

They’re important, but they’re not the whole picture. 

You already know that. 

It’s about fully living your life. 

It’s about not missing those magic moments –– like Frances –– WHILE tripling your income, starting that business, AND taking back your time.

Isn’t that what most of us want? 

So, let’s look at the program she used to make it happen...

The Core Conflict

  • Uncovering the bedrock foundation uniting psychology, neuroscience, and personal growth into a single, clear conversation
  • Why identifying the root source of self-sabotage and limitation is only the first step in real transformation
  • Trapped in the hamster wheel of your business? The simple process that reveals which SPECIFIC patterns of thinking are keeping you stuck
  • Decoding signals from your nervous system that tell you exactly when you are off-track and caught in your inner conflict
  • How your "Perfect 10 Life Vision" is a treasure map to your most restrictive limiting beliefs and greatest opportunities for accelerated growth.
  •  Mind Hacking,

    Brain Change, and the Power of Decision

    • Going beyond the 'woo' to the neuroscience of beliefs: what they really are, how they work in the brain, and how to change them
    • What your inner conflict reveals about your "unconscious decisions"
    • The psychology of how your beliefs fuel the '5 Primary Drivers' and determine EVERY result in your business and life
    • Discover the cornerstone of lasting transformation (and why you first need "permission" to make it work)
    • The Decision Matrix: a potent tool for permanently changing beliefs and rewiring the structure of your brain to radically alter the way you think and perceive
    • No idea how you’ll ever hit your goals? The surprising truth of why “How” is irrelevant, no matter what you want to create
    • How specific decisions give you access to higher levels of intelligence, creativity, and new ideas so you can make faster progress with less effort.



    Energy, Gratitude and the Success System

    • The science of how your “inner conflict” cuts you off from the higher levels of energy, intelligence and creativity you need to achieve rapid business growth… and how The Power of Decision can permanently remove the blocks.
    • Take your transformation to the next level by tapping into your “inner powerhouse” to generate consistent forward progress toward your goals - without forcing, hustling or grinding
    • A powerful meditation to reroute the brain’s tendency to focus on problems and negativity - no more “defaulting” into your tired, old limiting beliefs
    • Pull the plug on procrastination, drifting, and overwhelm with a simple Mind Hack that cuts their power over your actions
    • The 6-step system the world’s most impactful entrepreneurs use to get record-breaking results with astonishing speed (even though most don’t even realize how they do it)
    • How higher energy states activate the neural networks of resourcefulness, opportunity, and creativity essential to growing your business while experiencing more joy in the process.

    Enrolling the Brain Through the

    Power of Clarity

    • How the Decision Matrix and the Clarity Process STACK to reinforce and strengthen new neurosynaptic connections to accelerate brain change and heighten creativity
    • Your one-way ticket off the “entrepreneur’s carousel” –– how to break the cycle of chasing “magic pill” strategies
    • The most overlooked step in choosing the right strategy at the right time and executing in the right way to produce breakthrough results. 99% of entrepreneurs skip this… and their business pays the price
    • The secret to creating a future memory of what you haven’t yet experienced, and its surprising effect on your brain… and your results
    • A step-by-step guided process to gain crystal clarity on any issue in your life, no matter how confusing it appears to be
    • How priming the mind with the Mind Hack visualization technique opens access to new ideas, reveals opportunities hiding in plain sight, and adds surprising new developments to your future plans.

    The Power of Questions and

    Your Inner Search Engine

    • Why you MUST have clarity to unlock the power of the right questions
    • A simple model to understand how your brain stores and sorts information, and how you can use it to find perfect solutions to your business problem
    • Breaking the toxic habit of asking “why isn’t this working?”, “What am I doing wrong?” and “what’s wrong with me?” and what to ask instead
    • Living in “The Higher Power System”. This radical new perspective shows you exactly how your current situation reveals a hidden opportunity for personal and business growth
    • The fool-proof Mind Hack method to creating a strategic action plan that you will actually take action on


    Hacking Fear

    • Why fear is the FINAL barrier between you and your full potential –– and 4 simple ways to hack it
    • Eliminating the doubt, resistance, and analysis paralysis keeping you frozen in perpetual “planning mode”
    • How to leverage the strange relationship between desire, fear, your nervous system, and “the unknown” to create consistent forward momentum, no matter what happens in the external world
    • The secret to transmuting your most painful experiences into your greatest resources –– one thought can change everything

    The Mind Hack Daily Super Ritual

    and the 30 Day Transformation Challenge

    • Creating the ultimate “super ritual stack” to create permanent brain change
    • How to implement “The Work” in daily life to never ever get stuck again
    • Going beyond habit to create a lifestyle of ongoing transformation and evolutionary growth
    • The power of community to reinforce and accelerate transformation… and where to find like-minded change-makers


    In The Book, You Will Discover How to:


    The AVARA Model helps you regularly "reset your mind", whenever you suspect you're sabotaging your own. It will help you refocus and take inspired action.


    Have recent setbacks, failures, mistakes or problems caused you to lost your motivation to keep progressing? The tools in this book will help you discover the core cause and turn it around in minutes. 


    The mind plays tricks making you see the world and your issues in unhelpful ways. All you do is plug ANY issue into the AVARA model and it will set you free within minutes. Once free you will have the motivation, clarity and peace of mind to find true solutions that stick.


    Many coaching models only work at shallow levels of the mind, therefore they don't stick. Through our research, we've discovered that the brain structures your worldview in STORY FORM. Some of these "MindStories" are empowering and supportive of a meaningful life, and some are disempowering. CHANGE YOUR STORY - CHANGE YOUR LIFE

    What People Love This Course

    Derek LaCroix,

    Executive Director


    “Right from the first exercise it made a difference. I was dithering on an action and was immediately able to see the ineffective story I was making up. I was easily able to choose to think about the goal differently and take effective action.” 

    “What I loved about this book is that it uses both left-brain science and right-brain stories to deconstruct how we all experience ruts in life. I also love the practical tools to create what you really want instead.”

    Lorraine McGregor,


    Derek LaCroix,

    Executive Director


    “Right from the first exercise it made a difference. I was dithering on an action and was immediately able to see the ineffective story I was making up. I was easily able to choose to think about the goal differently and take effective action.” 

    “What I loved about this book is that it uses both left-brain science and right-brain stories to deconstruct how we all experience ruts in life. I also love the practical tools to create what you really want instead.”

    Lorraine McGregor,




    Positive Self-Talk

    Research shows if you can raise somebody's level of positivity in the present, then their brain experiences what is called a happiness advantage. Negative self-talk is something that's really pervasive, and because it's there all the time many people aren't consciously aware of it. This blueprint will help you to be able to rewire your brain so you have more empowering self-talk, because your subconscious mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. Your brain then performs significantly better than it does at the negative, neutral or stressed level.



    Overcoming Procrastination

    There’s nothing worse than sitting down at your desk, ready to go with your action list, and you can’t help but find yourself scrolling through your social media timelines or watching YouTube videos, instead of doing the work that needs to be done. This blueprint will activate the internal triggers you need to take consistent and inspired action especially on those days when you don’t feel up to it. It's the ultimate solution to overcoming procrastination.



    Massive Momentum

    Momentum is key to confidence. When we stop having any momentum in our life we often feel lost, confused or low in energy. So, we have to get our mojo back and build our confidence back up. High Achievers who have momentum are always connected to a higher purpose and have greater passion in what they are doing. This blueprint will help activate your deeper levels of purpose and passion and so, create more lasting momentum.

    Life isn’t about perfection it’s about progress. The more action you take, the more progress you’ll sense and the more confident you’ll feel that you are on path.



    Power of Presence 

    Presence is when you’re able to connect with people where they are now. You’re more present in life. We’ve just lost that ability. To become more present and develop more presence, you have to clean up your emotional life. You can’t achieve true greatness if you are weighed down by the heavier emotions of your past. This blueprint will help you to release the unwanted emotions of your past so you can free your energy in the present.

    Get 'Your Best Life Now' & 'Focus Mastery' Bundle
    For Just £997 £67
    (that's over 93% off the official price)



    Obstacles into Opportunities

    Here you will condition yourself to not only overcome the obstacles along your path to greatness but to get excited to face the challenges that life throws your way. The people who keep growing are the ones who are enthusiastic amidst the struggle and difficulties. They know it’s all, part of the process. You will reprogram yourself to turn the obstacles into opportunities with this blueprint.



    Win Your Day

    Experience the ultimate feel good blueprint. Here you will prime your mind to immerse yourself in the positive emotions of joy, happiness and gratitude which will elevate your vibration so you can achieve levels of peak performance and win your day.



    Bounce Back FAST

    Sooner or later we all hit a plateau. At some point we end up with our backs against the wall and we need a comeback. If you think about it, you really only have two choices when faced with an obstacle or setback: you can step it up and rise above it, or you can let it beat you down. Resilience is that amazing quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than before. This blueprint will train you to bounce back FAST.

    Get 'Your Best Life Now' & 'Focus Mastery' Bundle
    For Just £997
    (that's over 93% off the official price)



    The Law Of Attraction

    The secret of any Superachiever’s success is their ability to focus on a goal to the exclusion of distractions. This blueprint will help you to think far greater than your current circumstances so you can activate the law of attraction to achieve your goals faster. You will attract more of the right people and the right opportunities into your life.



    Fear As Fuel

    The reasons why people do not take more consistent action are fear of failure, not being good enough, not being smart enough, being rejected, being ashamed, embarrassed and so much more. Thinking of these fears releases more of the stress hormone - cortisol - and you think about what you feel and you feel what you think about over and over again. This reinforces a fear loop that most people never get out of. This blueprint will help you to interrupt this neurological loop that can be negatively affecting your entire life.



    Ultimate Confidence

    Your Self–Image is the way you see yourself in your subconscious mind. The reason your self-image is so powerful is because your behaviours and actions will almost never deviate from your internal map or programming. It acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, consistently reinforcing the kind of person you think you are. This blueprint will help you upgrade your self-image so you can perform with ultimate confidence more consistently.



    Personal Power

    Every great movement in history had a bold enthusiastic leader, every great company today has a leader with personal power. Someone who willing to challenge the status quo. Once you unleash your personal power, your passion will become contagious, your faith grows bigger than your fears, you unlock your natural charisma, your confidence goes viral and everyone around you buys into your dream. This is your personal power blueprint.



    Path To Greatness

    On the path to greatness we are going to face a lot of challenges and obstacles, a lot of enemies. Ultimately though, we have this great blessing to develop our own character by choosing how we’re going respond to things. To have that anticipation and to know there’s something amazing coming towards us is vital to our success.

    To sustain that positive, vibrant, anticipation for the future – even in the difficult times - will ensure that you will have an amazing year and an amazing life.


    What People Are Saying

    Derek LaCroix,

    Executive Director


    “Right from the first exercise it made a difference. I was dithering on an action and was immediately able to see the ineffective story I was making up. I was easily able to choose to think about the goal differently and take effective action.” 

    Mary Sue Rabe

    Storyteller & Author

    “Carla and Dave help you understand the stories you tell yourself, how they keep you stuck and how to transform them. Learning to use the AVARA Model has been life changing!”

    Beth Bruno,


    ?Carla and Dave have taken a complex subject and made it accessible to anyone who reads it. Through fascinating stories they show how to transform the negativity that repeatedly blocks a person’s progress towards success."

    Lorraine McGregor,


    “What I loved about this book is that it uses both left-brain science and right-brain stories to deconstruct how we all experience ruts in life. I also love the practical tools to create what you really want instead.”

    Get 'Your Best Life Now' & 'Focus Mastery' Bundle
    For Just £997
    (that's over 93% off the official price)

    What Is A Neuro-Blueprint?

    Neuro-Blueprints are a powerful audio recordings I created that includes the very best of what science has shown to most effectively reprogram your mind for success - relaxation, meditation, visualization, hypnotherapy, NLP, precision affirmations and so much more. The blueprints do away with conventional visualizing altogether. The combination of just allowing my voice to guide you, along with the binaural beats (click here for more info on the science behind binaural beats) in the background and beautifully composed musical scores have been proven over and over again with thousands of my clients all over the world to take their business and life to a whole new level.

    In the 'Your Best Life Now' & 'Focus Challenge' courses, each blueprint is structured to build on the previous one and will have a profound effect on your business. For best results listen to each blueprint for 3 days, then move on to the next one. There are 2 versions of each blueprint - regular and turbo. Ideally, listen to the regular version every morning and evening, and listen to the turbo version before some activity or as a mindset booster on the go.

    The blueprints are designed to rewire your thinking and reprogram your own subconscious mind for greater success. I’m right with you EVERY DAY as your guide and mentor, helping you to retrain your brain. All you have to do is find a quiet place and listen to these powerful audios daily.

    Most people are familiar with that negative voice on their shoulder talking them out of their greatness. Allow me to be that positive voice on your other shoulder supporting and encouraging you to take the actions you know you need to take daily. Ideally, listen through your headphones! And I know this sounds obvious but please do NOT listen to any of these blueprints while you're driving your car or operating machinery of any kind!

    Earnings Disclaimer

    We don’t believe in “get rich” programs or 'Pyramid' schemes – only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence. Our programs are intended to help you upgrade your mindset so you can elevate your performance and make a difference in the world. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavour or professional continuing education program. Please don’t enrol in our programs if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and fulfil their true potential as a person. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our coaching, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, value, and training. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction; we give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back.

    For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

    P.S. Don’t forget that with the £67 Special Offer, you’ll be saving BIG with a 93% discount. You’ll get instant digital access to the entire program with all unconscious exercises so you can start your transformation immediately.

    P.P.S. My program is backed by my word of integrity, so you have 30 days to try the Your Best Year Yet Blueprint Course absolutely risk free. So if you don’t like it for any reason, or if you choose to give up on your goals, then all you have to do is contact me within 30 days and I will happily return every cent, no questions asked.

    To your success,

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