How to Master Your Time, Focus, Productivity & Eliminate Distractions So You Can Get Big Things Done

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Session 1 - How to Master Your Time, Focus & Productivity and Eliminate Distractions So You Can Get Big Things Done

(Wednesday February 12th at 8.00pm UK) 

This session will train you in how to overcome procrastination, take consistent action, eliminate distractions and get more focused so you can proactively move through your struggles and breakthrough to the next level of your business.

You will discover…

    • 4 steps to being proactive about anything in your life.
    • Why we procrastinate and scientifically proven ways to overcome it
    • How to break your programming to stop procrastination.
    • The secret to taking massive action consistently
    • Why you don’t work better under pressure, doing things last minute.
    • Why how long and how hard you work does not define productivity.
    • Tips for a productive to-do list (hint - it's not what you'd expect)
    • The best emotions you need to generate in order to be efficient
    • The biggest time wasters and how to avoid them
    • How to condition yourself to ‘get things done’ instead of chasing perfection
    • The importance of letting go of certain thoughts, things & people in your life
    • The wrong reasons to continue holding on to something
    • Why letting go of the old & creating space for the new can be so difficult 
    • And so much more...

Dave O'Connor

Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and bestselling author. For over 20 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

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