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“My business has increased X 7”

"Dave’s training is absolutely amazing.  I’ve been working with Dave for 12 years now and I have to say he’s had a profound effect on my business. Lots of my team have also worked with him.  My business has increased x 7 times over those 12 years and I’m constantly coming along to the trainings and getting everybody here because it really focuses your mind, it develops your confidence and it just helps you become clearer on the goals you’re looking to achieve.  So get your team here – enjoy  –  and watch your results unfold."

Natalie Heeley,
Global Business Leader 

Get Absolute Clarity On What You Want To Create in 2023 AND the Tools You Need To Achieve Your Biggest Goals!

Dear Leader,

If you've been struggling to achieve your Forever goals, if you’ve worked really hard, invested a lot of time (and money) attempting to grow your business, learning about the products, attending endless events and yet STILL not succeeded in building a significant income (or team) or even if you're doing well but want to take your business to a whole new level - I have exciting news that can make all the difference.

We are going to take you to your next evolution in personal growth and take you up 3 or 4 notches.  Because the truth is… you haven’t been producing what you want to produce in your Forever business. 

And the key isn’t some new social media strategy. 

It’s evolving who you are and how you are in the world into the entrepreneur who OWNS that vision. 

So join me, make this YOUR year, make our time together the day that turns EVERYTHING around for you. 

And best of all, it’s all based on science.

Even though you will absolutely grow personally and professionally, and your income WILL grow...

This is a movement of awakened Entrepreneurs making a difference in the world through your Forever business.

High-level, heart-centered change-makers implementing the most advanced mindset and business growth strategies…

Combined with the most advanced transformational reprogramming technologies on the planet...

to become a Superachiever . . . to become an unstoppable leader in Forever...

Master Your Mindset and Rewire Your Thinking with the MLM Blueprint Course!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


When you make the decision to join the Mindset Mastery Event, we’ll dismantle everything that hasn’t been working for you and empower you with the proven tools, strategies and methodologies that will take your business, and your life, to the next level.

If you want to achieve greater success … you must reprogram your mind to believe that you deserve and are capable of creating the business and lifestyle you desire.

Sometimes we are not conscious of the limiting beliefs, negative emotions and fears that are holding us back.

For example, you might be aware that you're fearful of rejection – that you take this too personally - and this is clearly something you need to work on. You may be aware that you have a fear of what others think of you and this is why you procrastinate on making phone calls consistently and following up with prospects. This is why you avoid getting out of the house to talk to people and generate more leads. Instead you get busy being busy, hiding behind emails, etc, instead of taking the high leveraged actions that you know will move your business forward.

But you can also have deeper fears of success and failure, that you are NOT consciously aware of. For example if you have fears of public speaking, you could be subconsciously holding back in your business because at some level you know you’ll be asked to get up in front of the room or on stage in front hundreds or even thousands of people. So, secretly you won’t be giving it your all, or worse still, you will sabotage your success just as you’re within sight of the winning post.

The idea of earning more and achieving more may mean you have a greater responsibility as a leader with a larger team to manage, and deep down you could be saying, “What if I try my very best and fail? What if I let people down? What if I can't lead people?” Many people are unaware that fear of failure or fear of success or fear of rejection can stop us dead in our tracks even before we begin our quest to make it in our business.

These hidden limitations are deeply buried in your subconscious mind – and the deeper they are, the more they control our behaviour. In fact these negative programs lead us to struggle and failure automatically.

Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is what ultimately determines your success – or failure!

To truly free yourself and achieve the success you deserve in your business, it's essential to rewire your thinking and reprogram yourself for success at the subconscious or unconscious level.

“The World's Best Mindset Coach”

"I believe Dave is the world's finest mindset coach . I've been using his teachings and blueprints for years and they keep me focused, positive and on track to achieve all my goals. This event is a must have for anybody committed to realizing the full potential in business or in life."

Mathias Dahl,
Business Coach & Mentor

At the event, I will also create 4 Life-Changing Neuro Blueprints™. Neuro Blueprints™are powerful audio recordings that include the very best of what science has shown to most effectively rewire and reprogram your mind for success . These blueprints will help you overcome your challenges and take more inspired action. 

Each neuro-blueprint will be structured to help you destroy any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back .

This is the core of the entire training where you will rewire your thinking and reprogram your own subconscious mind for greater success. I’ll be right with you as your guide and mentor, re-training your brain. 

Julie White

In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as my mind coach. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave's blueprints really keep me on track. ”

Julie White, UK

Businesswoman of the Year

You have to reset your autopilot. And I can help you do it … in just one day.

Using the Neuro Blueprints™ will enable you to develop new beliefs and habits and eliminate your most deeply rooted fears. By mastering the inner game you'll learn to release your doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs, and truly unlock your potential! This is how you transform your life and results from the inside out!

No other goal achieving program today does this as well, as fast, and as easily as the Neuro Blueprints™. Based on decades of brain research, the blueprints combine the most powerful mindset techniques with the most current neuroscientific methodologies:

They will help you to move past any sticking points or challenges faster, and get you laser-focused on your business goals and lifestyle vision for the future with unshakeable belief and certainty like never before. In just a short time-frame, you’ll develop the thought patterns and actions of a highly successful network marketing leader.

Master Your Mindset and Rewire Your Thinking 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Having a compelling vision for your business and life is probably THE greatest secret to success. Once installed, the Powerful Vision will drive, motivate and inspire you to achieve greatness in your Forever Business in 2023.


This Neuro-Blueprint will train you to fail forward so you can condition yourself to not only overcome the obstacles along your path to greatness but to get excited to face the challenges that life throws your way. The people who keep growing are the ones who are enthusiastic amidst the struggle and difficulties. They know that temporary failures & setbacks are part of the process. As a result of listening to this blueprint you will take massive action consistently every day.


This Neuro-Blueprint will rewire you to have unshakeable belief, total certainty and super confidence in your Forever Business. It will also help you to install new empowering habits that will help you to make more phone/zoom calls and close more product sales.


This amazing blueprint will help you to reset your ‘point of attraction’ at the subconscious level so you automatically begin to recruit more of the right leaders into your business. You will also develop more leaders within your team and help your team members recruit more consistently.

Master Your Mindset and Rewire Your Thinking!

Part 1: 

How to Think Like A High Achiever

Part 2:

Massive Action & Leadership Skills

Part 3:

Your 2023 Invincible Vision

Part 4:

Get Focused & Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Master Your Mindset and Rewire Your Thinking with the New MLM Blueprint Course™!

€97 €39

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Attending this Event will help you to:

  • Consistently make more phone calls
  • Increase your belief and confidence
  • Recruit more team members faster
  • Attract better quality prospects
  • Become a better leader
  • Follow up more consistently
  • Give more dynamic presentations
  • Find it easier to approach people
  • Qualify faster for the various incentives
  • Handle stress and overwhelm better
  • Overcome hidden fears
  • Enjoy the journey more
  • Hit your targets consistently
  • And Much, Much More!

You will develop the unstoppable confidence and certainty that will enable you to achieve your business and lifestyle goals—regardless of your past fears or what’s currently happening in your business.

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Dave O’Connor has helped thousands of people reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries. Dave revels in helping people achieve the life they dream for.

As a master of the MLM world his skill set includes: neuro linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, and the psychology of attention. Dave is also a clinical nutritionist and enjoys weight training, mediation, and the martial arts.

Earnings Disclaimer

We don’t believe in “get rich” programs or 'Pyramid' schemes – only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence. Our programs are intended to help you upgrade your mindset so you can elevate your performance and make a difference in the world. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don’t enroll in our programs if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and fulfill their true potential as a person. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our coaching, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, value, and training.