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MindStory Blueprint Course

with Dave O'Connor & Carla Rieger:

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  • 60 x MindStory Neuro-Blueprints (4 versions of each blueprint) to deliver positive messages to your subconscious mind and further imprint your biggest goals so they run on autopilot
  • Morning & Nighttime version of each Neuro-Blueprint
  • Daytime Affirmation version for listening on-the-go
  • Turbo Charge version to achieve peak performance states FAST
  • Added Deep Reverberation to introduce a feeling of travelling deeper into the subconscious and back 
  • Ambient musical tracks to accompany flowing relaxation of binaural tones
  • Lifetime access to the MindStory Inner Coach Neuro-Blueprint Course
  • Binaural Tones in both ears
  • Overall mastered for supreme subconscious rewiring and reprogramming
  • 4 Bonus Video Trainings on 'How to End Self-Sabotage', 'Getting More Done in Less Time', 'Developing More Confidence' and 'How To Fail Forward Successfully'
  • 3 Bonus Neuro-Blueprints - 40 minute Nighttime Focus Neuro-Blueprint, Grow Rich While You Sleep Blueprint, Radiant Health & Rejuvenation Neuro-Blueprint


£943 or $1186 US


£79 or $98 US

 (that's 83% off the original price)

Neuro-Blueprints are powerful audio recordings we created to reprogram your subconscious mind for success. Neuro-Blueprints contain uniquely combined methodologies of Reticular Activation Rewiring, Relaxation of the Stress Response, Active Meditation, Advanced Mental Rehearsal, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energetic NLP, Neuro-Repatterning Affirmations with Binaural Beats and our signature MindStory soundwave technology called Neurowave™.

They do away with conventional visualizing altogether. The combination of just allowing our voices to guide you, along with our proprietary technology  in the background and beautifully composed musical scores have been proven over and over again with thousands of our clients all over the world to take their business and life to a whole new level.

The amazing sound engineering on these recordings will enhance your blueprinting experience and make these the most empowering sessions you’ll listen to!

As I mentioned above, all of our MindStory Neuro-Blueprints feature Brainwave Entrainment. You've most probably heard of Brainwave entrainment — it's common in the most advanced brain rewiring programs available today. It involves playing specially-created audio sounds called binaural beats into each ear — which can positively influence our state of mind.  Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” 

However, the MindStory Neuro-Blueprints contain something truly magical, not available in any other program. What makes them new and different from everything else on the market - making them the most advanced rewiring tools in the world today - is the addition of our signature MindStory soundwave technology called Neurowave™.

Neurowave™ is our proprietary unique mechanism that helps you process information more rapidly and accurately, increasing your attention, focus, motivation and awareness.

* List of MindStory Inner Coach Neuro-Blueprints:

  • How To Feel Better Blueprint (elevates mood and raise your positivity levels) 
  • How To End Self-Sabotage Blueprint (overcome self-sabotage & de-motivation) 
  • Believe Without Doubt Blueprint (Increases self-belief & decreases self-doubt) 
  • Magic of Thinking Big Blueprint (trains you to think beyond your current limitations) 
  • Clarity To Serve Blueprint (get clarity about the value you can add to the world) 
  • Your Best Self Blueprint (upgrade your self-image & show up as your best self) 
  • Break Free of Limiting Stories Blueprint (overcome unwanted limiting stories) 
  • Fear As Fuel Blueprint (learn to feel the fear & do it anyway) 
  • How To Fail Successfully Blueprint (fail forward & get excited to face any challenge)
  • Your Hero's Journey Blueprint (build more character for the journey ahead)
  • Imprint Good Memories Blueprint (get your past influencing you positively) 
  • Energetic Shield Blueprint (protect yourself from taking on other people’s negativity)
  • Get Focused & Eliminate Distractions Blueprint (develop the focus of a high performer) 
  • Being Present Blueprint (find your flow in life & develop more presence) 
  • Life Wants You To Win Blueprint (gain momentum and develop confidence in Life)

Important Information About Your Personal Success Blocks!

You're about to discover the quickest and most effortless way to bring more abundance into your life....

Read this short letter very carefully and find out how you can MAXIMIZE the power of this new MindStory Inner Coach Blueprint Series to bring you everything you could ever want faster.

The truth is that Life wants you to win and the Universe is an abundance of wealth, love, and happiness.

And there is no limit to the results that you can create in your life...

 There is Opportunity Everywhere 

However, the problem is, even though there is opportunity and abundance everywhere, as human beings we have a tendency to stop it from flowing into our life...

The reason for this is because many of us have deep-rooted limiting MindStories and subconscious energetic blocks and when these blocks exist below the threshold of our conscious mind, it feels impossible to obtain what we want and...

We Actually End Up Sabotaging Our Own Success!

Have you ever felt there was something blocking you from making the breakthrough to your next level but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is?

Well, that’s the reason. There are many negative programs and reactive patterns taking up space in your subconscious mind.

So to unlock more of your true potential and allow unlimited abundance to flow into your life…

You have to "clean house" at the subconscious level and clear away any lingering energetic blocks that don't serve your current goals.

And you have to replace these blocks with the stories, beliefs and goals of your choice.

You see, if you're like most people then you're probably harboring some energetic blocks around success, wealth, and happiness - AND you're probably not even consciously aware of it!

These blocks are closely connected to how we feel – comprising of limiting stories and untrue beliefs we have about ourselves, and they stop us from moving forward in life.

And here's the thing:

The Only True Way To Live Your Best Life "In Flow" & Bring

Your Most Audacious Goals Into Existence...

Is To CLEAR Away Your Energetic Blocks And Reprogram Your Mind At The

Unconscious Level!

When you do, more abundance and opportunities will be attracted into your life from all directions!

In order to create LASTING results in all areas of your life, you need to get to the core of your energetic blocks at the internal level and recalibrate your setpoints for success. And...

I've Created A Very Special Series of MindStory Neuro-Blueprints To Help You Release Your Energetic Blocks & Overcome Self-Sabotage!

Here’s what you’ll receive…

Neuro-Blueprint 1

How to Feel Better 

Experience the ultimate feel good blueprint. Your thoughts cause all your feelings. When you think a thought, it makes you feel a certain way. This Neuro-Blueprint will help you to think more of the thoughts and to feel more of the feelings that support the direction you’re going in. Research shows if you can raise somebody's level of positivity in the present, then their brain at positive performs significantly better than it does at negative, neutral or stressed. As a result of listening to this blueprint, you will feel more joy, happiness, courage, creativity, strength, decisiveness and enthusiasm. In short, you’ll feel so much better.

Neuro-Blueprint 2

How to End Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is defined as creating unnecessary problems for yourself, interfering with your own progress and your own goals. Self-sabotage is a negative energy. It’s goal is to take you off course…and keep you there.

This Neuro-Blueprint will condition you to overcome the four main self-defeating elements that make up self-sabotage – the fear & self-doubt trigger, the unwillingness trigger, the distraction trigger and the de-motivating trigger.

Neuro-Blueprint 3

Believe Without Doubt

No truer words have ever been spoken than Henry Ford’s "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." You can take all the action in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed, you will struggle to make it happen.

This blueprint uses the latest advances in Neuroscience to uplevel your belief so you can eliminate self-doubt & activate the power of your subconscious mind to reset your autopilot for success. You will experience new levels of energy, motivation, creativity and focus that will inspire you to show up as your best self every day.

Neuro-Blueprint 4

The Magic of Thinking Big

Successful people are not swayed by the outer world-the opposition, naysayers, challenges or setbacks. They don't care how long it takes to realize their dream of freedom. They believe without doubt that circumstances will sooner or later a bow to their intentions. It's only a matter of time. And they believe in the magic of thinking big. Thinking small is the recipe for failure. Something extra comes into play when you think big and beyond your limiting stories. This blueprint will help you 10X your thinking so you can skyrocket your results.

Neuro-Blueprint 5

Get Clear & Serve

This blueprint activates the neurons of positivity, the neurons of possibility and the neurochemistry of feeling good that comes with adding value to people’s lives. If your self-worth is low, your value in the marketplace will always be as low. If you don’t value yourself no one else is going to value you. By asking, “How can I serve? How can I contribute? How can I take my game to the next level?”, your subconscious mind will respond and the breakthroughs will happen.

Neuro-Blueprint 6

Your Best Self

Your Self–Image is the way you see yourself in your subconscious mind. The reason your self-image is so powerful is because our behaviors and actions will almost never deviate from our internal map or programming. It acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, consistently reinforcing the kind of person you think you are. This blueprint will help you upgrade your self-image so you can show up as your Best Self daily and perform with more confidence and certainty.

Neuro-Blueprint 7

Break Free of Limiting MindStories

An important step in forming your new, more empowering mindset is to realize what your limiting beliefs are and to question those that no longer serve a purpose. Otherwise, beliefs left unchallenged will continue to limit you. This blueprint will help you to break free of unwanted limiting stories and replace them with the new empowering stories of your choice, so you can develop more presence, personal power and passion to attract greater financial, business & life opportunities.

Neuro-Blueprint 8

Fear As Fuel

The reasons why we don’t take more consistent action are fears of failure, fears of not being good enough, fears of rejection, fears of being ashamed, embarrassed and so much more. Thinking of these fears releases the stress hormone - cortisol - and you think about what you feel and you feel what you think about over and over again. This reinforces a fear loop that most people never get out of. This blueprint will help you to interrupt this neurological loop so that you can break free of any fear and use it to do hard things, get comfortable with discomfort and take massive action when necessary.

Neuro-Blueprint 9

How To Fail Successfully

This Neuro-Blueprint will train you to fail forward so you can condition yourself to not only overcome the obstacles along your path to greatness but to get excited to face the challenges that life throws your way. The people who keep growing are the ones who are enthusiastic amidst the struggle and difficulties. They know that temporary failures & setbacks are part of the process. As a result of listening to this blueprint you will develop a high tolerance for failure and you will reprogram yourself to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Neuro-Blueprint 10

Your Heros Journey

On our path to greatness we are going to encounter a lot of enemies, temptations and challenges. This neuro-blueprint will help you to anticipate the inevitable setbacks along the road of trials and to embrace them as an opportunity to build more character for the journey ahead.

Whenever you hit a plateau and feel like quitting, this blueprint will encourage you to rise up and be the hero of your own story. After defeating your inner enemies, and finally overcoming your greatest personal challenges, you will have transformed into the next level of you and become a much stronger person.

Neuro-Blueprint 11

Imprinting Good Memories

A big reason people can’t achieve goals in their life is because their deeper subconscious mind can be a tsunami of negative memories constantly being reinforced. It's never too late to have a happy childhood...or adulthood. Here you discover how to actually re-write your past so that it powerfully supports your present day self and your future vision. This blueprint retrains your brain to bring good memories you may have forgotten to the forefront of your mind, so that you put yourself in the perfect mental climate to manifest your goals faster.

A Powerful Program That Fits Your Schedule

Get The MindStory Inner Coach 
Neuro-Blueprint Course
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Neuro-Blueprint 12

Energetic Shield Blueprint

An energetic shield can protect you from harm, from taking on bad energy or from anyone who might drain your energy. It can also nourish you and connect you more deeply to a higher source of wisdom. Once connected, you can break free from unconscious programs that are harming you much more easily. It’s like adding protection software onto your computer. An energetic shield can also help you delete malware on your "inner computer" and can protect you from taking on 'Limiting MindStories’ in the future.

Neuro-Blueprint 13

Get Focused & Eliminate Distractions

In this day and age, people are more distracted and less focused than ever before. The most productive high performers are not only laser-focused on their goals, they're also very clear on the things that they just won't do. This blueprint will train you to become more focused and to eliminate unwanted distractions. You will learn how to think far greater than your current circumstances so you can activate the law of attraction to accelerate your results.

Neuro-Blueprint 14

Being Present

Presence is when you’re able to connect with people where they are now. You’re more present in life. We’ve just lost that ability. To become more present and develop more presence, you have to clean up your emotional life. You can’t achieve true greatness if you are weighed down by the heavier emotions of your past. This blueprint will prime your mind to immerse yourself in the positive emotions of joy, happiness and gratitude which will elevate your vibration and help you to release the unwanted emotions of your past and free your energy in the present.

Neuro-Blueprint 15

Life Wants You to Win

Life isn’t about perfection it’s about progress. The more action you take, the more progress you’ll make and the more confident you’ll feel. Momentum is key to confidence. When we stop having any momentum in our life we often feel lost, confused or low in energy. So, we have to get momentum and build our trust in Life again. High Achievers who have momentum always seem connected to a higher purpose and have greater trust that Life is looking after them. This blueprint will help activate your deeper levels of trust and belief and so, create the space for the Universe to have your back.

Enroll Now & Get 7 FREE Bonus Features

The 7 bonuses combined normally sell for £485 - but you’ll get them free as part of this limited offer

Bonus Training Video 1: How to Beat Self-Sabotage (Value £67)

Self-sabotage wants to steal your dreams and ruin your future. Self-sabotage is a negative energy whose only goal is to take you off course…and keep you there.

In this 60 minute interview with Kristen Hayes, MindStory Performance Coach, Dave O’Connor takes you on a powerful journey that will inspire you to keep moving towards your dreams no matter what. Filled with entertaining stories, humor and valuable tips – this powerful training breaks down self-sabotage into 4 components so you can easily understand how to free yourself from its grip and rise to your next level.

Bonus Training Video 2:  How to Overcome Procrastination & Get More Done in Less Time (Value £177)

One of the most important habits that we need to change is procrastination. Procrastination is putting off your dreams because you're either afraid or feeling lazy.

 Life is way too short to procrastinate on your dreams. There’s nothing worse than sitting down at your desk, ready to go with your action list, and you can’t help but find yourself scrolling through your social media timelines or watching YouTube videos, instead of doing the work that needs to be done. In this training you’ll learn 10 time-tested productivity techniques and strategies that will have you 3-5 times more productive in less than 2 weeks!

Bonus Training Video 3: How to Feel More Confident (Value £94)

How do you find confidence in your future when you're starting out, doing something you've never done before?  You have to find confidence in your ability to figure out new things. Everything that you're going to be doing, you know you're going to be failing, so your confidence has to come from your ability to fail forward and know that every time you fall down you have the ability to get back up even stronger. A growth mindset breeds self-confidence, knowing that we can figure things out, knowing that we can grow.

Bonus Training Video 4: 5 Steps to Hacking Your Beliefs & Getting the Results You Want in Your Life (Value £147)

Negative thought patterns become belief systems when you have trained your mind to believe things that don’t serve you. When you have unsupportive belief systems, they will produce emotions, actions, and results that you don’t want.

To dive deeper into belief hacking and get the results you want most in your life, join me in this powerful Belief Hacking training. This is a full-on training complete to release the deeper limiting beliefs and negative emotions holding you back.

Bonus Training 5: Put Your Success On Autopilot Blueprint - 40-Minute Advanced Night time (Value £67) 

This game changing advanced blueprint uses the latest advances in Neuroscience to activate the power of your subconscious mind & reset your inner autopilot for success while you sleep. You will experience new levels of energy, motivation, creativity & focus that will inspire you to break -through your limiting set-points to your next level.

Bonus Training 6: Radiant Health & Rejuvenation Neuro-Blueprint (Value £47) 

It has been scientifically proven that stress leads to health problems. An article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that there is a significant relationship between stress and health problems. You are unlimited in your ability to heal your body. Your mind is in control of your body, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, arteries, veins, organs, hormones, and every cell in your body.

If a healthy body is what you are seeking, then this blueprint will help you achieve and maintain more vibrant health!

Bonus Training 7: Grow Rich While Your Sleep Nighttime Neuro-Blueprint (Value £47) 

This powerful advanced blueprint will help you to shift your subconscious money set point will start to remove any hidden blocks preventing you from attracting more prosperity into your life.

You want to be abundant. You deserve to be prosperous. It's your birthright to have money.

Using the 'Grow Rich While Your Sleep blueprint for 21 days will open up your world to new and unbelievable opportunities level.

A Powerful Program That Fits Your Schedule

Get The MindStory Inner Coach 
Neuro-Blueprint Course
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Neuro-Blueprints create a clean slate of relaxation and inner peace so you can access your deeper mind.

Once this clean slate is created by removing the stressors and other blocks that can interfere with achieving your goals, the blueprinting process begins to imprint your desired outcomes. Your goals may include achieving a certain level of wealth, enhancing or attracting your ideal relationships (business or personal) or even improving your physical health and mental wellbeing. Whatever is important to you, it can be accomplished through the blueprinting process. You can literally put your success on autopilot.

Whatever the obstacle, these Neuro-Blueprints can remove the barriers. It takes only a few weeks before the mind is trained to consistently think the new empowering thoughts that serve you and to create more of the results you want in your life.


In this new ‘MindStory Inner Coach' Series, each blueprint is structured to build on the previous one and will have a profound effect on your business and life.

For best results listen to each blueprint for 4 days, then move on to the next one. There are 4 versions of each blueprint - a Morning, Daytime Affirmation, Turbo Charge and Nighttime version. Ideally, listen to the morning blueprint first thing when you wake up and the nighttime version before bedtime. The Daytime Affirmations and Turbo Charge versions are ideal to listen to as a mindset booster on-the-go during the day. They are also ideal to listen to before an important meeting, presentation or sales/prospecting call to prime your mind for peak performance and will help boost and reinforce the positive change caused by the related Morning and Nighttime Blueprints.

Most people are familiar with that negative voice on their shoulder talking them out of their greatness. Allow me to be that positive voice on your other shoulder supporting and encouraging you to take the actions you know you need to take daily. Ideally, listen through your headphones! And I know this sounds obvious but please do NOT listen to any of these blueprints while you're driving your car or operating machinery of any kind!

The Blueprinting process is the easiest way to affect change in your life because the positive messages go straight to your subconscious mind effortlessly so you can accomplish your goals and reach for the stars!!


Included in these 'MindStory Blueprints is a process known as brainwave entrainment — which involves playing specially-created audio sounds called binaural beats into each ear — which can positively influence our state of mind.

Brainwave entrainment helps you process information more rapidly and accurately, enjoy increased motivation, and increases your attention, focus and awareness. Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” Brainwaves can be measured and recorded using specialized equipment – such as an EEG machine. This allows us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind. For example, we know the exact brainwave patterns that exist when we’re relaxed… or focused…or stressed… or sleeping.

That means we can help bring about key states of mind at will — just by listening to these blueprints. There are 5 commonly recognized categories of brainwaves – beta, alpha, delta, theta, and gamma – and each is associated with a different mental state. Our brain habitually generates these frequencies, but neuroscience has found that you can alter them through the use of different sounds.

If you are new to binaural beats, they have been around for years. I didn’t invent them. Countless scientific studies*, have found that they can help change a person’s state

Binaural beats are perfectly safe but we recommend you DO NOT listen to the neuro-blueprints while driving or operating machinery.

Together we’ll cancel out old negative self-talk and eliminate redundant reactive patterns that have held you back. We’ll replace them with the powerful, precise, positive messages your mind needs, boosting your confidence, certainty and self-esteem so you feel amazing about where you’re at, where you’re going, the success you’ll be achieving and the good life you get to enjoy.

In just 10-20 minutes a day, we’ll lay the solid foundation you need to retrain your brain. You will know it’s working and feel and see the changes in your business and life within the first 30 days. In our experience the absolute best results are achieved over 90 days. But once you’ve been consistent for 30 days, it will be easier to keep the momentum going for 60 and 90 days because you will have developed the habit of listening to your recordings.

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

P.S. Don’t forget that with the £79 Special Offer, you’ll be saving BIG with a 90% discount. You’ll get instant digital access to the entire program with all unconscious exercises so you can start your transformation immediately.

P.P.S. Our program is backed by our word of integrity, so you have 30 days to try the MindStory Inner Coach Neuro-Blueprint Series absolutely risk free. So, if you don’t like it for any reason, or if you choose to give up on your goals, then all you have to do is contact us within 30 days and we will happily return your investment, no questions asked.

To your success,

Dave & Carla

Earnings Disclaimer

We don’t believe in “get rich” programs or 'Pyramid' schemes – only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence. Our programs are intended to help you upgrade your mindset so you can elevate your performance and make a difference in the world. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don’t enroll in our programs if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and fulfil their true potential as a person. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our coaching, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, value, and training. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction; we give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back.



A Powerful Program That Fits Your Schedule

Get The MindStory Inner Coach 
Neuro-Blueprint Course
Today & Receive:

  • 15 x MindStory Inner Coach Neuro-Blueprints to deliver positive messages to your subconscious mind and further imprint your biggest goals so they run on autopilot
  • Morning & Nighttime version of each blueprint
  • New Daytime Affirmation version of each blueprint
  • Turbo Charge version for listening on-the-go
  • Added Deep Reverberation to introduce a feeling of travelling deeper into the subconscious and back 
  • Ambient musical tracks to accompany flowing relaxation of binaural tones
  • Lifetime access to the MindStory Inner Coach Blueprint Course
  • Binaural Tones in both ears
  • Overall mastered for supreme subconscious rewiring and reprogramming
  • 4 Bonus Video Trainings on 'How to End Self-Sabotage', 'Getting More Done in Less Time', 'Developing More Confidence' and 'How To Fail Forward Successfully'
  • 3 Bonus Neuro-Blueprints - 40 minute Nighttime Focus Blueprint, Grow Rich While You Sleep Blueprint, Radiant Health & Rejuvenation Blueprint



£79 | $98 US

 (that's 83% off the original price)

Dave O'Connor

Dave O’Connor has helped thousands of people reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries.

Dave revels in helping people achieve the life they dream for. As a master of the MLM world his skill set includes: neuro linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, and the psychology of attention. Dave is also a clinical nutritionist and enjoys weight training, mediation, and the martial arts.

Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger is the author of 6 books and more than 10 online learning programs. She’s been the CEO of e Artistry of Change Coaching & Training Inc. since 2014, and a speaker, trainer and coach for over 23 years. As a marketing, mindset and communication skills expert, she’s helped thousands of people all over the world lead more ful lling and successful lives through her performance enhancement tools. In addition, she has spoken to over 1500 groups on four continents, including a TEDx talk. She is also the host of the MindStory SPEAKER Podcast.