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In this new ground breaking 4-module Mindset Mastery Focus Challenge you’ll discover how to rewire your thinking so you can increase your self-belief, focus and confidence levels to accelerate your Kannaway success.

The Mindset Mastery Focus Challenge will combine the advanced techniques in Neuroscience with the latest mind management strategies so you can grow yourself & your business FAST.

Join Network Marketing SuperCoach Dave O’Connor and get the latest proven Mind Management techniques to skyrocket your business in 2020.

You will receive world class coaching with unique leadership insights for a fraction of the regular price.

During your time together, Dave will guide you through exercises and experiences that will create the new neural pathways necessary for deep and long lasting change! Once you’ve got the new beliefs and the new patterns installed you can set any goal and feel confident that you can achieve that goal.

Julie White UK Businesswoman of the Year, 2011

In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as my mind coach. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave’s blueprints really keep me on track.”

Jerry Conti Entrepreneur

“Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers to Network Marketers in the world today. As well as personally experiencing the power of his programs, over the years I have seen hundreds of business owners take their business to a whole new level as a result of applying his teachings”

Contents of Course...



Overcome the self-doubt, limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that have been sabotaging your success.

Contents of Session:

  • How to challenge your beliefs and release the negative hold they’ve had over you
  • How your inner stories can make or break your life success
  • Replacing your limiting beliefs with the new empowering beliefs of your choice
  • Re-scripting your story so you can change your state immediately
  • The most powerful mantras in the world for changing beliefs, habits and patterns
  • How to immediately raise your confidence and belief levels (so you become literally unstoppable)
  • Design a compelling vision that allows you to install an Invincible Mindset for success
  • How to keep your WHY alive as you move up the levels in your business
  • A step-by-step process you can use to minimize your self-doubt
  • How to have your future self be your mentor
  • A powerful priming effect for happiness, peak performance and success!
  • And Much More...



How to master your mindset so you can use your fears as fuel to massively propel yourself towards your goals. 

Contents of Session:

  • How to take charge of your mind and use your fears as fuel
  • How to change your state and feel powerful, confident, enthusiastic and unstoppable in an instant
  • How to overcome the fear of what others think
  • 5 tips and strategies for dealing with and managing rejection
  • Why you should strive to 5X your level of failure
  • Embracing the positive side of failure & developing a high willingness to face the challenges
  • A powerful technique that will allow you to overcome people or situations that normally intimidate you
  • How to tell when you should let go of a prospect
  • Getting your head back in the game after a 'temporary failure'
  • Recalibrating your mindset for success so you can finally graduate from the school of hard knocks
  • And a lot more...



How to manage your time, become more productive and eliminate distractions so you can take the massive actions that will propel you to greatness in your business. 

Contents of Session:

  • The secret to taking inspired action especially when you don’t feel up to it
  • Finally! The ultimate solution to overcoming procrastination
  • The absolute worst thing you can do which will kill even the best plan in the world
  • How to become a ‘Do It Now’ person
  • How to eliminate distractions in different areas of your life
  • How to plan like a high achiever and manage your time more efficiently
  • How to double your productivity, and free up at least 2 hours per day, so you can focus on the high-value, income-producing activities in your business
  • Training your brain to seize the biggest opportunities with effortless ease
  • Extracting the focus pattern that have allowed the most successful minds on the planet to shape our world in positive ways
  • And much more…



The major practices of leadership that we must enact on a continual basis to be able to have the amount of influence and impact we desire

Contents of Session:

  • The roadmap for building confidence as a leader
  • 3 keys to playing at your Leadership best so you can consistently go the extra mile
  • Mastering THE greatest law of leadership and how to grow yourself to become a powerful leader worthy of others following you
  • The secrets to winning friends and creating connections
  • The roadmap for building confidence as a leader
  • The #1 key to creating & maintaining team momentum
  • The positive self-talk that creates resilience
  • What makes us stay true to our commitment until the end result is achieved
  • How to remove quitting as an option
  • How to attract & develop better leaders
  • How to become more charismatic, and be seen as a leader in the eyes of your team and prospects
  • And Much More...


Strategic Visioning Neuro-Blueprint™

This powerful Neuro-Blueprint uses the latest advances in Neuroscience to install your Invincible Vision for the future. It will activate the power of your subconscious mind to reset your inner expectation points for success in all the key areas - business, health, finances, relationships and lifestyle. You will experience the magic of thinking greater than your current circumstances which will allow you to enjoy your vision ahead of time. This will create an immediate energetic shift giving you real world results NOW. Truly this is one of the greatest secrets of success.

Beliefs & Habits Creator Neuro-Blueprint™

A game changing Neuro-Blueprint that will help you to release any deep rooted unwanted beliefs and replace them with the new empowering beliefs of your choice so you can develop the presence, personal power and passion necessary to raise your consciousness so you can attract greater financial, business, spiritual and relationship opportunities.

Get Focused Neuro-Blueprint™

This Neuro-Blueprint will change your focus around setting and achieving your biggest goals. You will begin to imprint the outcomes you want onto the deeper unconscious part of your mind, aligning your brain power and your heart energy. You will reprogram yourself to focus on ANY goal to the exclusion of distractions so you can move from goal setting to goal getting faster and easier than ever before.

Conquering Fear & Procrastination Neuro-Blueprint™

This game changing Neuro-Blueprint uses the latest advances in Neuroscience to trigger new focus and action habit loops that will activate the power of your subconscious mind and reset your inner autopilot for success. You will experience new levels of energy, motivation, creativity and boldness that will inspire you to the next level of consistency, commitment and courage along your journey.

Leadership & Influence Neuro-Blueprint™

This blueprint will focus on your ability to motivate, inspire and influence individuals or larger groups of people. You will raise your influence levels higher so you can impact your existing team, prospects and the world around you. Are you ready to get people to invest in you, believe in you, follow you?

£197 £39.00

£197.00 £39.00 – Online Digital Course

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Here's what you get:

  • Lifetime Access to all 4 Advanced Modules ( Video and Audio Lessons)
  •  Access to a private members area where you can watch the webinars over and over again
  • Download the MP3'S of each webinar so you can listen on the go 
  • 5 Neuro Blueprints (a morning, evening & turbo version - so 15 in total) to help you automatically retrain your brain and develop new habits
  • The blueprints are designed to reprogram and rewire your brain so you can form those new neural pathways that will give you more choices every moment of the day.
  • (Please note: this may seem obvious but you are NEVER to listen to the blueprints while driving your car or operating machinery of any kind)

Each lesson is designed to create new empowering habits and produce results. Listen to and inhabit the conscious lessons when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Listen to the tracks on your smartphone and take them wherever you go.

The blueprint processes are designed to reprogram and rewire your brain so you can form those new neural pathways that will give you more choices every moment of the day.

(Please note: this may seem obvious but you are NEVER to listen to the blueprint processes while driving your car or operating machinery of any kind)

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