Dave O'Connor

For over 25 years, Dave O'Connor has been a keynote speaker and highly regarded international performance coach to network marketers, conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, coaches and consultants. Dave specializes in entertaining, engaging keynote speeches and offers live and online trainings in the areas of mindset, leadership, communication, storytelling, and influence skills.

Dave is also the founder of MindStory Academy helping mission driven business owners to break free from negative patterns, so they can fulfil their greatest life's potential. He has a world-class skills set that includes Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Performance Mindset Conditioning and the Psychology of Attention. 

He is a 2 time best selling author.

His teachings are ideal for individuals and organizations that want to open minds, overcome challenges and thrive in turbulent times. His business coaching extends to all areas of success and has impacted sales growth with incredible results. When he is not teaching or writing, Dave enjoys weight training, meditation and martial arts, in which he holds the rank of black belt in Hapkido. Dave is also a qualified Yoga and Tai Chi instructor.

Earnings Disclaimer

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