Master Your Mindset and Level-Up Your Forever Business So You Can Finally Achieve the Success You Deserve

Build A Huge Team, Develop Your Leadership & Influence Skills and Grow Your Income Significantly While Making a Real Difference!


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A legjobb képzés, amelyen valaha részt vehetsz

"Dave képzése teljesen elképesztő. Már 12 éve dolgozom együtt Dave-vel, és azt kell mondanom, hogy hatalmas hatással volt a vállalkozásomra. Dave tervrajzai segítettek abban, hogy multimilliomossá váljak a Foreverben. A csapatom tagjai közül sokan szintén folyamatosan együtt dolgoznak vele (élőben és online is). Mindenkit elhozok hozzá, mert ez igazán fókuszálja az elmédet, fejleszti az önbizalmad, és segít megvalósítani elképzeléseidet. Tehát regisztráld csapatodat – élvezd – és nézd, ahogy az eredményeid az egekbe szöknek."

Natalie Heeley

Gyémántzafír manager

Dear Extraordinary Leader,

These new advanced Mindset Mastery events will transform your Forever business and also your life.

We are going to take you to your next evolution in personal growth and take you up many levels.  

And best of all, it’s all based on science.

Even though you will absolutely grow personally and professionally, and your income WILL grow too...

This is a movement of awakened Entrepreneurs making a difference in the world through your Forever business.

High-level, heart-centered change-makers implementing the most advanced mindset and business growth strategies…

Combined with the most advanced transformational reprogramming technologies on the planet...

to become a high achiever . . . to become an unstoppable leader in Forever...

Julie White

In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as my mind coach. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave's blueprints really keep me on track. ”

Julie White

UK Businesswoman of the Year

Next Level Blueprints To Build On Your Existing Foundation

Using the Next Level Blueprints™ we create at these VIP events will enable you to build on all the personal development work you've done over the last few years. You have really come a long way and now, you are finally ready to master the inner game. 

No other mindset program today works, as fast, or as easily as the Blueprints™. Based on decades of brain research, these advanced blueprints combine the most powerful mindset techniques with the most current scientific methodologies:

They will help you to move past any sticking points or challenges faster, and get you laser-focused on your Forever goals and lifestyle vision for the future with unshakeable belief and certainty like never before. In just a short time-frame, you’ll develop the thought patterns and actions of a highly successful network marketing leader.

Attending These Events Will Help You To:

  • Consistently make more phone calls
  • Increase your belief and confidence
  • Recruit more team members faster
  • Attract better quality prospects
  • Become a better leader
  • Follow up more consistently
  • Give more dynamic presentations
  • Find it easier to approach people
  • Qualify faster for the various incentives
  • Handle stress and overwhelm better
  • Overcome hidden reactive patterns
  • Enjoy the journey more
  • Hit your targets consistently
  • And Much, Much More!

Master Your Mindset and Rewire Your Thinking!

Mastery Mastery Event Part 1


Sunday July 21st (6pm-10pm)

At this event you will discover:

- How to double your productivity so you can focus on the high-value, profit-producing activities in your business

- Effortlessly upgrade your self-talk so you can switch from negative to positive states in an instant

- An advanced blueprint to create more personal magnetism and charisma

- How to keep your WHY alive as you move up the ladder of success

- How to align with the law of attraction in a way that will attract new team members at a higher vibration 

- How to plan and manage your time more efficiently 

- How to motivate and inspire new team members to overcome their fears and take massive action

- Finding the creative flow every day to move your business forward 

- How to protect yourself from rejection, criticism and negativity

- a simple way to accelerate your results and easily rise above your old self-defeating patterns

- And so much more

Mastery Mastery Event Part 2


Date: To Be Announced

At this event you will discover:

- Mastering THE greatest law of leadership so you can become a powerful leader worthy of others following you

- An advanced blueprint to download the qualities of a world class leader & influencer

- How to activate the hidden natural leaders within your downline

- The #1 key to creating team momentum

- How to create a positive energy within your team that attracts unlimited new prospects to come onboard

- How to be seen as a leader in the eyes of your team & prospects

- The secrets to winning friends and creating connections both online and offline 

- How to bulletproof your mindset… so small setbacks don’t bother you and your Forever journey is more FUN

- Being on a mission and staying aligned with your purpose daily

- And so much more


Advanced Blueprint Coaching

with Dave O'Connor

Experience the Most Powerful Blueprints Ever Created for Network Marketing Success.

During your time together, Dave will guide you live blueprints that will create the new neural pathways necessary for deep and long lasting change! 

Once you’ve imprinted these blueprints deep into your unconscious, you can set any goal and feel confident that you can achieve that goal.

VIP Exclusive Training 

with Dave O'Connor, Agi Klaj & Natalie Heeley

In this ground breaking VIP training you’ll discover how to rewire your thinking so you can increase your self-belief, focus and confidence levels to accelerate your success in Forever.

The training will provide you with practical tools that will connect you with the latest neuroscientifc techniques and processes for developing the beliefs and habits of Top Forever Leaders. 

Along with Dave’s proven behavioural modelling training you will receive priceless coaching with unique leadership insights from Sapphire Managers Agi Klaj and Natalie Heeley.

You will develop the unstoppable confidence and certainty that will enable you to achieve your Forever business and lifestyle goals—regardless of your past fears or what’s currently happening in your business.

Dave O'Connor Logo

Dave O’Connor has helped thousands of business owners reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries. Dave thrives in helping people achieve the life they dream for.

As a mindset master his skill set includes: neuro linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, and the psychology of attention. Dave is also a clinical nutritionist and enjoys weight training, meditation, and the martial arts.

Earnings Disclaimer

We don’t believe in “get rich” programs or 'Pyramid' schemes – only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence. Our programs are intended to help you upgrade your mindset so you can elevate your performance and make a difference in the world. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don’t enroll in our programs if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and fulfill their true potential as a person. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our coaching, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, value, and training.