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During this FREE course you will be guided on a 4-day journey to help you create the habits and best practices of an extraordinary achiever. This course can be the mindset boost you need to take your game to the next level in 2018.

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Day 1 - Decide To Decide

Y our commitment to getting behind your goals and making the decision to generate big, bold results is essential to your success.
    • Creating the mindset momentum necessary for success
    • How to infuse your vision with the belief and passion of a winner
    • What really causes people to make the decision to go “all in”
    • How thinking like a game-changer can rapidly move you up the ladder of success
    • Activating the electrical and magnetic forces that govern the law of attraction

Day 2 - Know Your Why

Why you want to achieve a goal is so much more important than the actual goal itself! Why you want to achieve your goal will play a big important role in whether you achieve it or not. They say you got to keep the dream alive but actually you have to keep your WHY alive. When the Why becomes stronger the ‘How’ gets easier.

    • A simple, but highly effective technique for uncovering your deepest WHY so you can stay focused on your vision regardless of the obstacles
    • Avoiding the one deadly mistake almost everyone makes – this can save you years of frustration
    • How to “rewire your life” so you leap from frustration to freedom and scarcity to prosperity in the next 30 days
    • The #1 reason most people don't achieve their business goals (and why they often self-sabotage)

Day 3 - Creative Visualisation

Mastering the ancient art of mental rehearsal to design the life of your dreams
    • The art of mental rehearsal and how to best use it for consistent high performance
    • How to use the latest advances in Neuroscience to retrain your brain for higher levels of success
    • The No.1 way to reprogram your mind for success so it becomes second nature for you to think, feel and act the way healthy, wealthy, and happy business owners do
    • The right way to visualize (most people get it wrong every time)
    • How to turn your goals into a magnet that will attract the internal and external resources you need to achieve your goals with ease

Day 4 - Take Action

How to take the consistent and massive action that will propel you to greatness
    • The secret to taking inspired action especially on those days when you don’t feel up to it
    • Finally! The ultimate solution to overcoming procrastination
    • The absolute worst thing you can do which will kill even the best plan in the world
    • How to become a ‘Do It Now’ person
    • The action list technique that will skyrocket your productivity levels
    • How to consistently move forward in faith instead of going backwards in fear

Dave O'Connor

Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and bestselling author. For over 19 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

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