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21 Day Kick Into Action

Develop The Winning Habits Of A High Performer So You Can Take Your Business & Life To The Next Level

Get The 21 Days of Action Audio

Course For Just £197 £97

(that's 50% off the original price)


Dave is a master at delivering the information in a way that gets results. Through stories and metaphor the message really hits home in a way that people can relate and practically apply in their business. I urge you to plug your team into this course, it will take your business to the next level!

Angelyn Toth , Network Marketing Professional

Are You Ready to Make a Breakthrough and Play Your Highest Game?

Contents of Course...

Day 1: Goal Setting To Goal Getting

Day 2: The Theatre of The Mind

Day 3: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Day 4: Taking Massive Action

Day 5: Changing Your Self-Image

Day 5: Changing Your Self-Image

Day 6: The Inner Game of Focus

Day 7: The Power of Guided of Meditation

Day 8: The Laws of Gratitude

Day 9: Leaving The Comfort Zone

Day 10: Managing Negative Emotions

Day 11: Midpoint Summary

Day 12: Modeling The Masters

Day 13: Certainty of Mind

Day 14: The Power of NOW

Day 15: The Power of Vision

Day 16: Managing Your Time

Day 17: The Rewards of Resilience

Day 18: The Art of Reframing

Day 19: Breaking Negative Habits

Day 20: The Winners Mindset

Day 21: The Path To Mastery

Get The 21 Days of Action Audio

Course For Just £197 £97

(that's 50% off the original price)

So let’s sum this up again.

Here is exactly what you will receive for as little as £97

  • 21 Mp3 Downloads of the field-tested and proven 21 Day System to breakthrough all your limitations and achieve your goals with consistent ease…
  • A further 14 unconscious guided meditation processes to assist you in reprogramming and rewiring yourself for success.
  • A PDF Worksheet for each one of the 21 lessons.
  • You’ll be given a login and password within 2 hours of ordering to access your mp3 downloads.

Get The 21 Days of Action Audio

Course For Just £197 £97

(that's 50% off the original price)

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

P.S. Don’t forget that with the $119 Special Offer, you’ll be saving BIG with a 50% discount. You’ll get instant digital access to the entire program with all unconscious exercises so you can start your transformation immediately.

(Please note: this may seem obvious but you are NEVER to listen to the unconscious closed eye processes or exercises while driving your car or operating machinery of any kind)

P.P.S. My program is backed by my word of integrity, so you have 30 days to try the 21 days of action course absolutely risk free. So if you don’t like it for any reason, or if you choose to give up on your goals, then all you have to do is contact me within 30 days and I will happily return every penny, no questions asked.

To your success,

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